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Exterior window or siding staining

Staining exterior natural wood trim, windows, and siding is tricky business.

In most cases, we start by gently stripping the wood to bring it down to its natural base. If stripping isn’t necessary, we’ll instead soft-wash the wood to clean it and then scuff sand it (dustless on windows) to ensure adhesion. One thing we’ll never do? Pressure-wash it, because that process changes your precious wood irrevocably.


Our 3-coat system

Finally, once we’ve finished our meticulous prep, we’ll carefully brush on the stain and top coat.

Our most popular stain system includes Benjamin Moore Sansin Foundation coat, Sansin SDF stain coat, and Sansin top coat. (On rough-cut siding we use a two coat process with just Sansin SDF.)


Door staining

After masking or removing hardware, we’ll move to stripping or dustless-sanding your wooden door.

We’ll also remove any weather stripping so we can close your door while it dries. We’ll then apply stain and a top coat. (Here again we recommend Sansin’s three-coat system—foundation coat, SDF stain coat, and clear top coat.)


Exterior deck staining

The first step in beautifying a deck is getting it clean—when we stain yours, we’ll start by carefully stripping, cleaning and sanding the surface. (Unless, of course, we’ve already stained it for you once and we’re only applying a maintenance coat.)

This kind of surface prep is necessary to ensure your stain gets absorbed properly and the deck looks as good as it can. And yes, even new wood needs to be sanded. When it’s ready we’ll stain with two coats of Benjamin Moore DEC.

The result? A gorgeous deck you can show off to neighbors and friends—or enjoy all by yourself.


Interior staining

If you’ve been thinking about staining doors, wood panels, millwork, window trim, baseboards and other trim work, or railings and banisters, you’re in the right place.

Interior staining often just requires a scuff-sand and two coats of a tinted clear coat, but occasionally we’ll need to discuss stripping, buffing and a three-coat stain system. Walked-on surfaces will typically require a more intensive approach.

Painted wood? Ask about stripping the paint and refinishing it with stain.

Other Services

Colour-matching is available. Ask us about our sample service and optional colour consultation.

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Our Warranty

We are proud to offer a two-year warranty and satisfaction guarantee on our interior work.

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