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If you’re nervous about having your Vancouver home painted, don’t be. Because at Dunbar Painting, we take “care” to another level. We’re obsessed with service and with getting the little things right.

We’re true painting professionals — dedicated to making every job the best one we’ve done. And, most importantly, we treat every place we paint — from a 700-square foot condo to a 30,000 square foot mansion—with the same love and respect you would.

That’s why our clients constantly recommend us — and why we’re the right choice for you.

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Hire Dunbar Painting because

At Dunbar Painting, we understand that you’re not just asking us to paint your home — you’re giving us the keys and asking us to come into the place where you’ve built a life.

Our clients love us because we take that responsibility with the utmost care and caution, which lets them trust with absolute confidence that they’re in good hands.

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