House & Exterior Painting Company

Our experience ranges from the surface preparation and painting of older heritage homes to newer homes in Vancouver. To deal with any size of house, our staff are trained to use ladders safely, and boom lifts when required. Whether you require maintenance on exterior woodwork or an entire exterior paint job, Dunbar Painting is more than happy to give you a complimentary estimate. Our prep work begins with extensive cleaning to make sure the surface is free from any contamination that could prevent proper paint adhesion.

We use downstreaming and careful pressure washing to clean all kinds of surfaces. This is followed by careful but aggressive sanding and scraping by our house painters. When we sand peeling paint, we make sure the edges are no longer peeling, using proper sanding techniques. Our house painters will caulk all unsightly gaps – especially areas where water can get in and cause damage. Proper preparation is extremely important for exterior house painting, and we take the time and use the products to make sure it lasts. On certain houses, we use advanced products such as XIM Peel Bond as an intermediary coat between primer and top coat to allow for a more flexible and durable surface to put your beautiful top coat on. Any rotten wood will be brought to your attention, and Dunbar Painting is equipped to replace it. When we paint exteriors, we use only top quality paint to ensure your home can stand up to weather and time in Vancouver. We always estimate to do two coats, unless it is a colour that requires more. Rest assured, you get what you pay for!

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