Why you Should Never Paint Over Wallpaper

Interior Painting | July 27, 2021

If you have purchased an older home with outdated wallpaper or have started to dislike the appearance of the wallpaper in your current home, you may be tempted to paint over it. Though this may be the faster and simpler option, it often does not produce satisfactory results. As leading providers of quality interior painting solutions, the team at Dunbar Painting understands the challenges associated with painting over wallpaper. That is why our team has provided some information on why you should never paint over wallpaper and why you should hire a professional for the best results.

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3 Reasons to Avoid Painting Over Wallpaper

While painting over wallpaper may save some time, it will likely lead to numerous problems in the future. Some reasons to avoid painting over wallpaper include:

1. Patterns, Seams, and Damage May Show Through the Paint

When painting over wallpaper, there is always a chance that the colour, design, and seams of the wallpaper will show through the paint. Any patterns on wallpaper tend to have different textures than the rest of the surface, which tends to lead to uneven paint coverage and raised surfaces. Seams also tend to show through paint as wallpaper is applied in rows, leaving numerous blemishes on your wall. The most significant issue, however, is that wallpaper can hide wall damage (chips, cracks, etc.) that should be fixed before applying paint.

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2. Moisture Can Cause Wallpaper to Loosen Over Time

Even if your wallpaper is in great condition, applying paint can lead to severe damage. The extra moisture from the paint may cause the adhesive on the wallpaper to loosen. This can lead to peeling, ripping, and complete detachment, effectively undoing your hard work. In addition to peeling, wallpaper can start to bubble during the application of paint, leading to an unbalanced and unappealing result.

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3. Painted Wallpaper is More Difficult to Remove

If you think that you will eventually remove the wallpaper in your home, painting over it is a poor idea. Removing wallpaper that has been previously painted over is an exceptionally difficult task that often results in a damaged wall. To ensure the best results for your interior painting needs, it is highly recommended to hire a professional to strip the wallpaper, repair the wall, and then paint the wall instead of the wallpaper.

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To learn more about the risks of painting over wallpaper or to inquire about our painting services, get in touch with the team at Dunbar Painting. Our professional painters can be reached at 604-788-3382 and will be happy to assist you.