What to Consider When Painting Stucco

Exterior Painting | April 15, 2021

Stucco is a popular choice when it comes to housing exteriors, but it can start to fade or become damaged like any other material. If you notice signs of fading, mildew, mold, or other signs that you need to paint your house, there are several considerations to bear in mind before painting stucco. At Dunbar Painting, we provide complete exterior painting solutions for all types of homes. We understand the unique aspects of stucco and the common challenges that can come with painting it. That is why our team has put together some information on what to consider when painting stucco.

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Considerations When Painting Stucco

When painting stucco, there are several elements to consider before starting. These elements include:

The Type of Stucco

Not all stucco is the same. Knowing the type of stucco your home has will ensure that you are preparing accordingly. Stucco often falls into one of three categories or types:

  • Pre-coloured: As the name implies, this type of stucco is pre-coloured and has likely never been painted. It is highly porous and can often take 3 coats for full coverage. That being said, high-quality products like Loxon XP can require only 2 coats due to being thicker than standard paint.
  • Stucco that has been painted before: This type is generally easier to deal with than pre-coloured stucco. In most cases, paint can be simply sprayed on. That said, it is important to spray from multiple angles to ensure even distribution and coverage.
  • Old glass stucco, also known as bottle dash stucco: This type of stucco also tends to require 3 coats of paint. It can often present flaking issues or problems with latent moisture, so it is best to contact a professional for the best result.

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Mildew, Dirt, and Cleaning

Stucco can start to build up moisture, mildew, and dirt over time. If your stucco paint is peeling, it is likely a moisture issue. This is especially true for older stucco, as it can be permanently stained. Ensure that your stucco is sufficiently clean and dry before applying paint.

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Preparation and Masking

In addition to cleaning, you will need to ensure that the surfaces you want to protect are properly masked. Inadequate masking can result in paint on trim, windows, and other areas, especially when spraying.

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Paint Quality and Application Method

Though it can be tempting to save money by choosing cheap paint, this will ultimately diminish the quality and lead to faster fading. Choose high-quality products like Loxon XP to ensure optimal fade resistance and coverage. Paint often cannot be rolled or brushed on for stucco. Instead, it should be sprayed on from multiple angles to ensure consistent coverage and distribution.

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To ensure that these challenges are properly addressed and solved, contact the experts at Dunbar Painting. Our professional painters can be reached by phone at 604-788-3382 or through our online contact form.