What Causes Paint Failure?

Interior Painting | March 26, 2020

Having a clear idea of what causes paint failure will help you ensure that the paint in your home is being properly applied and maintained. At Dunbar Painting, we understand how important it is for your home to be painted by a professional team that will take all of the necessary steps to ensure your new paint does not fail. That is why we offer a range of interior painting services that are performed to the highest standards.

1. Moisture

One of the biggest factors that can cause paint to fail is moisture. Moist wood, stucco that is still wet, and other moist surfaces may cause paint to fail, as areas with water trapped behind it can push paint off the surface. It is also important to note that not waiting sufficient time between coats for paint can lead to paint failure and that moisture in the air can increase the dry time between coats.

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2. Inadequate Surface Preparation

Since surfaces that are inadequately prepared for painting can lead to paint failure, it is important to hire a professional painter who will take the time to degrease, dust, and wash the area before applying any paint. A professional will also take the time to sand chipping paint and to caulk any gaps that moisture can get in to help prevent paint failure in the future.

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3. Improper Application of Paint

Paint that is applied outside of recommendations can fail. This includes paint that is applied with an inadequate dry time or at an inadequate thickness. A professional painter will be able to ensure that the paint is being applied to meet the proper recommendations.

4. Wrong Choice of Paint

Using the wrong paint in the wrong areas—using wall paint on the floor, interior paint on the exterior, using lower quality paint on the trim, using wall paint on the trim, etc.—can also lead to paint failure. This means that it is important to ensure that the paint being used throughout your home is the best paint for the job.

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