Tips for Painting a Metal Garage Door

Exterior Painting | August 31, 2021

When painting the exterior of your home, it can be easy to overlook the garage door. If your door is starting to look worn down or the colour no longer matches your home, it may be worth painting it to complete the look you are going for. While this may appear to be a simple task, some garage doors may already be primed and ready for paint, while others may be constructed from galvanized metal and are not suitable for paint. This can lead to unexpected challenges and poor-quality results. As leading providers of exterior painting solutions, the team at Dunbar Painting understands these challenges. That is why we have compiled some tips for painting a metal garage door to help you get the best possible results.

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3 Tips for Painting Metal Garage Doors

When painting a metal garage door, consider the following tips to ensure even coverage and lasting results:

1. Clean the Metal Door and Remove any Flaking Paint

Before painting a metal door, you will need to ensure that it is completely clean and degreased. Use a clean cloth with warm soapy water to clean off any old stains, dirt, and debris as these substances can alter the final colour of the paint. If the door has been previously painted and is starting to flake, you will need to perform some light sanding to smooth the surface.

2. Prime the Surface with a High-Adhesion Primer

Once the door has been sufficiently cleaned and prepped, it is time to paint. It is not a good idea to put another topcoat on top of an old topcoat, so you will need to use an undercoat first. Prime the surface with a high-adhesion primer before applying the topcoat. This will ensure more even coverage and longer-lasting results. When applying paint, be careful to ensure that the door does not rub against the frame as this can cause paint to rub off. Once the topcoat is dry, you can add an anti-graffiti clear coat for additional protection if desired.

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3. Do not Paint a Door that is Already in Good Condition

Painting is an aesthetic choice that can help restore the appearance of a metal garage door. That said, paint will not fix rust or other serious damage. If your garage door is already in good condition and suits the colour of your home, there is likely no need to paint it. If you do decide to paint your garage door, consider enlisting the services of a professional painter to ensure the best possible results.

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