Protecting Your Outdoor Wood Surfaces with Staining

Wood Staining | June 20, 2024

Protecting your outdoor wood surfaces with staining can enhance their beauty and longevity. At Dunbar Painting, we specialize in providing top-quality wood staining services throughout Vancouver, BC. Whether it is for decks, siding, or doors, staining can be an effective method to preserve and beautify your wood surfaces.

Understanding the Limitations of Stain

While the stain itself is not the most protective option for wood, choosing a darker stain with more tint can offer better protection. This is because darker stains have more pigment, which helps shield the wood from UV rays and weathering; however, for maximum protection, it is essential to consider additional steps beyond just applying the stain.

Staining Decks: Aesthetic vs Protection

For decks, staining is often more about aesthetics than protection. Since you can only stain the top surface of a deck, the other sides and bottoms remain uncoated, making them vulnerable to moisture and weather damage. Furthermore, the top surface stain wears down quickly due to weather exposure and foot traffic. While a stained deck looks beautiful, it requires frequent maintenance to keep it looking its best and to offer some level of protection.

Enhancing Protection for Wood Siding, Windows, and Doors

Wood siding, windows, and doors can benefit significantly from staining followed by clear coats. Here is how to do it:

  • Ensure the stain absorbs well into the wood.
  • Apply two coats of either tinted or untinted clear coat (this combination provides substantial protection against the elements).
  • Reapply clear coats every 2-4 years, depending on exposure.
  • Perform regular maintenance, including cleaning, light scuff sanding, and reapplication of clear coats.

Special Considerations for Shingle Siding

Shingle siding requires a slightly different approach. Often, two coats of stain are sufficient. The first coat absorbs into the wood, while the second coat builds up on the surface, providing a layer of protection. This method helps maintain the appearance and durability of shingle siding, keeping it protected from weather and environmental factors.

Stain vs Paint

Paint protects wood better than stain because it offers a thicker barrier but, with proper care, stain may be beautiful and protective. The choice between stain and paint relies on your aesthetic preferences and care level. In the end, staining outdoor wood surfaces requires knowledge of its limitations and care to maintain durability.

At Dunbar Painting, we strive to provide your home with beautiful, long-lasting results. You can protect and beautify your wood surfaces with the correct stain and clear coatings. Contact us today at 604-788-3382 or through our online form to learn more about our wood staining services and how we can maintain your exterior wood surfaces.