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Before your estimate

We’ll contact you to schedule a time to visit your home and ask you some questions.

Your answers will help us determine not only what you need from Dunbar Painting, but what’s most important to you when having your house painted.

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Your estimate

It’s important to us that you get precisely what you want from your painting company. That’s why we take extra time during the estimate to listen to all of your needs and explain everything we can do to meet them.

Here’s how estimating works. At a mutually convenient time, we’ll walk your home with you and discuss your painting project. We’ll clarify your needs and expectations so we can give you exactly what you want. And we’ll explain a number of house painting solutions that we can use to get the job done.

Once we’ve understood the project from top to bottom, we’ll promptly email you a copy of our proposal. In it, you’ll find a detailed report on what we’ll do, how much it will cost, and our warranty and contract terms.

This proposal will either confirm we understand your needs — or an opportunity for you to make changes if required.

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Your project

Our painters will arrive on time and set up to paint either the inside or exterior of your house, carefully moving objects out of the way and covering all surfaces not being painted.

Although prepping and painting can be messy, we keep your space as clean as possible, and use techniques like dustless sanding to keep things safe. We will also clean your home daily, so our work has little to no impact on your living conditions.

Careful surface preparation is followed with high-quality paint, and paint application techniques.

When we’re done for the day, we’ll find a safe and secure area to tidily store supplies. If you ask us, we’ll happily store supplies off-site—we have the utmost respect for your home and your living space.

Throughout the process, we’ll give you regular updates on our progress.

Then, once we’ve painted everything and all touch-ups are complete, you’ll inspect your home with us as a last check to ensure that you are happy with your project.

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