Is it Worth Buying High-Quality Paint?

When considering whether or not it is worth buying high-quality paint, it is important to keep in mind that price does not always indicate quality. A professional painter like the ones from Dunbar Painting will be able to help you select the ideal high-quality paint products for your specific interior painting or exterior painting project.

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Benefits of Buying Higher End Paint

Some of the benefits of buying higher end paint for your home improvement project include:

1. Fewer Coats

Since higher quality paint is better at hiding previous paint colours, transitioning from a darker colour to a lighter colour can be done in fewer coats than would be possible when using a lower quality paint. Higher quality paint also makes it easier to achieve very deep, dark colours in fewer coats.

When painting over bad surfaces on the exterior of your home, higher quality paint is a great option because it is often thicker, which means that it can fill or hide imperfections better than lower quality paints can.

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2. Durability

On interior walls, higher quality paint products provide an easy-to-clean solution, as they tend to be much more washable than lower end paint products. Higher quality exterior paints also provide a longer lasting product and a greater level of durability by offering protection from the sun and rain.

3. Adhesion

Compared to lower quality paints, higher end paints tend to have a better chance of adhering to tough surfaces. For instance, trim that was previously painted with an oil-based paint can be degreased and scuff sanded, and then high-end trim paints—Benjamin Moore Advance or Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane—will be able to stick to it.

4. Overall Cost and Time Savings

While higher end paints do cost more upfront, choosing to purchase high-quality paints can save you time and money in the long run. This is because higher end paints can easily hide colour changes, resulting in less coats and less gallons of paint, and because they also have a longer lifespan when compared to lower quality paints, which means less money spent on repainting surfaces in the future.

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