How to Paint Ceilings

Interior Painting | November 12, 2020

Painting the ceiling in your home on your own can be challenging, time consuming, and messy. At Dunbar Painting, we know that hiring an experienced house painter who knows how to paint ceilings properly will not only save you time and frustration but will also ensure that you are completely happy with the final result. That is why we offer a range of interior painting services, including ceiling painting services.

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Prepping the Area for Ceiling Painting

Since rolling ceilings can easily cause splatter, it is extremely important to properly prepare the area before starting to paint the ceiling. A professional painter will make sure to remove or mask any light fixtures or anything attached to the ceiling, as well as to cover all furniture with plastic and to protect the floor with paper or drop sheets. If the walls in the room are not being painted, a professional painter will also mask the walls with plastic to protect them from splatter.

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Prepping the Ceiling to be Painted

Similar to preparing the entire area, it is also important to perform prep work on the ceiling before it is painted. In the event that the ceiling is dirty in places, a professional painter will degrease the area. Any repairs that need to be made to the ceiling, such as cracks, will be then be filled and sanded as needed. A professional painter will also take the time to scuff sand the ceiling in order to promote paint adhesion and to create a flatter surface. If there are any water stains or other stains on the ceiling, the areas will be spot primed with a stain inhibiting primer.

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Painting the Ceiling

Before rolling the ceiling, a professional painter will use a brush to paint around the perimeter, as well as to cut around any objects in the ceiling, such as smoke detectors, pot lights, and decorative features. The perimeter will be painted wide enough to ensure that the roller never touches the wall or other objects when the ceiling is being rolled. A professional painter will then roll the first coat of paint on the ceiling going in one direction and will roll the second coat of paint going in the other direction.

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