How to Estimate Interior Painting

Interior Painting | February 27, 2020

Knowing how to estimate interior painting will give you a better idea of the different factors a professional will use to determine the overall cost of painting the interior of your home. At Dunbar Painting, we know how important it is to hire a professional painting company that will provide you with interior painting services at a fair and reasonable price. That is why we always use the following steps to determine an accurate interior painting quote for our customers.

1. Perform a Site Visit

Before providing an estimate for an interior painting job, a professional painter will meet with you in person to go over which surfaces are being painted, any potential colour changes, the level of repair work and detail required, and if there are any access issues, such as difficult to reach spots or hard to move furniture. During this meeting, the painter will also go over the plan for painting your home’s interior, what areas will be masked and covered, as well as what items you will be required to deal with on your own.

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2. Estimate the Cost of Materials

While interior painting quotes will not separate the material price from the main price of the job, a professional painter will take notes about how many gallons of paint, as well as how many other materials—sandpaper, masking tape, plastic, etc.—will be needed to complete the job properly.

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3. Estimate the Cost of Labour

The overall cost of labour for an interior painting job is based on how many hours the project is expected to take. Most companies use a billable hourly rate that covers all variable costs of employees, gross profit percentage, and net profit percentage wrapped into each company’s unique billable hourly rate.

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Interior Painting Costs for New Construction & Renovation Projects

In some cases, the cost of interior painting for new construction and renovation projects in based on square footage. This allows the painting company to use details, such as the intricacy of trim (crown molding, wainscoting, wall panelling, etc.), to raise or lower the cost amount per square footage to generate an accurate price.

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