How to Choose the Right Paint for High-Traffic Areas

Interior Painting | April 30, 2024

Selecting the appropriate paint for high-traffic areas can be a daunting task. These spaces endure constant use and abuse, requiring paint that can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. While several products are marketed specifically for this purpose, understanding the key factors to consider will help you make an informed decision. As experts in interior and exterior painting, the team from Dunbar Painting understands the importance of selecting the right paint. That is why we have compiled some information on how to choose the right paint for high-traffic areas.

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Considerations for Choosing the Right Paint for High-Traffic Areas

1. Consider Specialty Paints

Products like Benjamin Moore Scuff-X are specifically formulated to withstand the rigors of high-traffic areas. These paints are designed to resist scuffing and marking, making them ideal for walls that endure frequent use. While no paint can withstand extreme physical abrasion, specialty paints like Scuff-X offer enhanced durability compared to standard paints, providing long-lasting protection for your walls.

2. Opt for Higher Sheen Trim Paint

When selecting paint for high-traffic areas, consider trim paint with a higher sheen. Trim paints, such as Benjamin Moore Advance or Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane, dry harder and offer increased protection against wear and tear. The higher sheen levels reflect more light and create a smoother surface, making them easier to clean and maintain in busy areas like hallways, stairwells, and entryways.

3. Explore Wainscoting or Molding Options

To protect your walls from damage in high-traffic areas, consider installing wainscoting, chair rails, or other types of molding. These architectural features add visual interest to your space and serve as a barrier against impacts and scuffs. By installing wainscoting or molding, you can limit the amount of direct contact with your walls and create a more durable surface for painting. Once installed, you can paint the wainscoting or molding with a more durable trim for added protection.

4. Assess Durability and Maintenance Needs

When choosing paint for high-traffic areas, durability, and maintenance requirements are vital considerations. Look for paints that offer easy cleaning and touch-up capabilities to keep your walls fresh and pristine. Water-based paints are generally easier to clean than oil-based paints and offer quicker drying times, making them ideal for busy households. Opt for paints with low VOC (volatile organic compound) levels to ensure minimal odour and environmental impact.

5. Test and Compare Samples

Before committing to a paint colour and finish for your high-traffic areas, test and compare samples in your space. Apply small paint swatches to different wall sections and observe their appearance under various lighting conditions throughout the day. Pay attention to how the paint performs regarding durability, sheen level, and ease of cleaning. By testing samples, you can make an informed decision and ensure that the paint you choose meets your aesthetic and practical needs.

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