How Often Does Cedar Siding Need to be Painted?

Exterior Painting | December 7, 2021

Wooden siding has been a popular choice for homes of all sizes for decades. From pine and redwood to engineered lumber and cedar, wooden siding is available in a variety of types based on your needs and preferences. While all wooden siding will share some similarities, each type of wood features different characteristics that can affect maintenance, durability, and how often it needs to be painted. As cedar siding continues to grow in popularity, it is important for homeowners to understand how to care for it. As leading providers of exterior painting services, the team at Dunbar Painting understands the challenges of maintaining and painting cedar siding. That is why we have provided some information to help you understand how often cedar siding needs to be painted and some important factors to consider.

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Important Factors to Consider

Many factors affect the frequency at which cedar siding should be painted. While it could be as often as every 2 years for some homes, it could be as infrequent as 10-15 years depending on the following:

Typical Weather Conditions

Harsh, direct sunlight can cause significant damage to paint and wooden siding over time. The amount of sunlight your home receives will directly influence how often your cedar siding will need to be repainted. South-facing surfaces may also require more frequent painting than other sides due to increased sun exposure. In addition to sunlight, heavy snowfall and ice can wear away at the finish and paint. Excessive moisture can also cause rot in the wood under the paint, especially if the paint is chipped. To summarize, homes that are exposed to more frequent instances of severe weather will require more frequent repainting and maintenance. It is also worth noting that painted surfaces may endure longer than stained surfaces as the latter require more frequent coating.

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The Quality of the Previous Job

If your cedar siding has already been painted in the past, a large factor to consider is the quality to which this job was completed. For example, if the painter used cheap products, ineffective equipment, and rushed to finish the job, it will be far more susceptible to damage and wear. To achieve lasting and high-quality results, it is worth hiring a professional that uses premium products, the right equipment, and takes the time to get the job done right. It is also important to have it cleaned yearly as mildew can break down paint.

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The Condition of the Siding

One factor that can be easy to overlook is the condition of the siding itself. While paint can hide a variety of flaws, damaged cedar siding will need to be painted much more frequently. For example, if your siding is cracked, splintering, or starting to rot, it would be more effective to replace these boards and paint them instead of just painting over the damage.

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