How Long Does It Take for a Stained Fence to Dry?

Wood Staining | September 13, 2023

Staining a wooden fence is a common and effective way to enhance its appearance, protect it from the elements, and prolong its lifespan; however, knowing how long it takes for a stained fence to dry is essential for ensuring that your efforts result in a beautiful, long-lasting finish. As experts in staining services, the dedicated…

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What is the Best Time of Year to Stain a Fence?

Exterior Painting, Wood Staining | August 10, 2023

A well-stained fence enhances your home’s curb appeal and ensures longevity against the elements. With Vancouver’s unique climate, knowing the best time of year to stain a fence is key. Dunbar Painting, known for meticulous prep work and expert finishing in interior and exterior painting, offers insights into knowing what the best time of year…

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Is it Better to Stain or Paint an Old Deck?

Wood Staining | June 20, 2023

Refinishing your deck can make a massive difference if you want to sell your home or enjoy a new outdoor space. But, when it comes to updating an old deck, homeowners often need clarification on whether it is better to stain or paint their decking. At Dunbar Painting, we often receive questions from homeowners looking…

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What to Consider When Staining a Wooden Fence

Wood Staining | May 30, 2023

Staining a wooden fence is an excellent way to enhance its appearance and protect it from the damaging effects of weather; however, before you grab a brush and start staining, there are several factors you should consider to ensure that your fence is properly prepared and stained correctly. As experts in staining services, the team…

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Tips for Staining Your Home’s Wood Siding

Wood Staining | April 22, 2021

When it comes to staining wood siding for your home, there are many factors and techniques to consider. Understanding these considerations and knowing which techniques to use will help ensure quality results and consistent stain coverage. Stain offers great protection against moisture, rot, and sun damage if it is applied correctly. A messy or inadequate…

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Painting vs Staining Your Deck

When it comes to creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space, you may have a hard time deciding between painting vs staining your deck. While both offer a range of advantages and disadvantages, the option that will work best will depend on your unique situation. At Dunbar Painting, our team can take care of all…

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How Does Stain Protect Wood?

Wood Staining | April 16, 2020

Understanding how stain protects wood will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you should stain the wood elements on the exterior of your home. At Dunbar Painting, we understand the vital role that wood stain plays in increasing the lifespan of wood, especially exterior wood that is constantly exposed to the…

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How Often Should You Stain Cedar Siding?

Wood Staining | January 16, 2020

Knowing how often you should stain cedar siding will help ensure that you are properly maintaining the exterior of your home. At Dunbar Painting, we understand how important it is to maintain the wood elements around your home to keep them looking beautiful for years to come. That is why we offer a selection of…

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How to Refinish Wood Siding, Doors & Windows

Wood Staining | September 19, 2019

Knowing how to refinish wood siding, doors, and windows will help ensure that all of the natural wood areas on the exterior of your home are being properly maintained. At Dunbar Painting, we understand the importance of looking after wood on the exterior of a home. That is why we offer staining services for doors,…

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Pros and Cons of Staining Wood

Wood Staining | July 25, 2019

Getting to know the pros and cons of staining wood can help you make an informed decision about whether or not staining is the right choice for you. At Dunbar Painting, we want to help you maintain the beauty of your wood and protect it from the elements. That is why we offer a selection…

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