How to Prevent Paint From Bubbling

Interior Painting | April 18, 2023

Paint bubbling is a common problem that many homeowners face. The unsightly bubbles can ruin the appearance of your walls and make them look unattractive. The cause of the issue is often linked to moisture, heat, and painting on dirty or greasy surfaces. This is particularly common in wood surfaces, where water or humidity can…

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Can You Paint Baseboard Heaters?

Interior Painting | March 21, 2023

If you are considering painting every room in your home, it is important to consider elements like trim and baseboard heaters in addition to your walls. If you have an old baseboard heater in your home, you have likely wondered if you can safely rejuvenate it with a fresh coat of paint. While you can…

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Tips for Painting Over Old Interior Paint

Interior Painting | March 16, 2023

When it comes to interior painting projects, the process is often far more complex and labour intensive than most people think. This is especially true for home interiors that have not been painted for a while, as old paint requires additional work and prep to ensure proper paint adhesion and coverage. As a leading provider…

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Can You Paint a Brick Fireplace?

Interior Painting | February 23, 2023

If your living room or basement has a brick fireplace, you have likely considered painting it at some point. While you can paint a brick fireplace, there are several steps that must be performed to ensure optimal results. As a leading provider of exterior and interior painting solutions delivered with care, the team at Dunbar…

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How to Prevent Paint Streaks on Walls

Interior Painting | February 21, 2023

If you are considering rejuvenating your living room, bedroom, or another area of your home with a fresh coat of paint, it is crucial to understand how to prevent paint streaks on walls. While painting a room may seem like a straightforward task, there are several considerations that must be kept in mind and actions…

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How to Paint a Ceiling

Interior Painting | January 20, 2023

Painting your ceiling can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming task, especially if you are unsure of where to begin or if you do not perform all required preparation. As a leading provider of quality interior painting solutions delivered with care, the team at Dunbar Painting knows how difficult some jobs can be. That is…

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Benefits of High-Quality Paint

Exterior Painting, Interior Painting | December 21, 2022

When it comes to interior painting projects, you may be tempted to choose the cheapest paint products available to complete the job. While it is true that cheaper paint products can help you change the look and feel of your home, these products do not deliver lasting quality or appeal in many situations. As experts…

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Common Interior Painting Mistakes

Interior Painting | December 15, 2022

When done right, painting can be a highly effective way to breathe new life into your home and make a familiar space feel like new again. Unfortunately, painting is often far more difficult and complex than it first appears. This is especially true for interior painting projects that involve bathrooms and the kitchen, as these…

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Common Causes of Paint Failure

If you have ever painted a room by yourself, you likely understand that painting is a far more complex task than it appears. From surface prep to application methods, there are many considerations to keep in mind to ensure that the job is done right. Even if you feel as though you have finished the…

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How to Choose a Paint Colour for Your Living Room

Interior Painting, Painting Services | November 27, 2022

If your home is starting to look or feel dated, it may be time to breathe new life into various rooms with a new coat of paint. From your kitchen to your living room, there are many areas of your home that can look like a completely new space when choosing a new paint colour….

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