How do You Fix Peeling Exterior Paint?

Exterior Painting | May 14, 2020

Knowing how to fix peeling exterior paint will provide you with a better understanding of the steps a professional will take to resolve this common issue. At Dunbar Painting, we understand how important it is to fix peeling exterior paint properly. That is why we offer a range of exterior painting services, including fixing areas…

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Pros and Cons of Painting Brick Exteriors

Exterior Painting | April 23, 2020

Getting to know the pros and cons of painting brick exteriors will help you decide if you should paint the brick on the exterior of your home. At Dunbar Painting, we want to help you make the exterior of your home as beautiful as possible. That is why we offer a range of painting services,…

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How to Properly Paint a Home’s Exterior

Exterior Painting | August 22, 2019

Knowing how to properly paint a home’s exterior will give you a better idea of what you can expect from a professional painting company. At Dunbar Painting, we follow a strict exterior painting process that is designed to give your home the best finished look possible. The key steps that go into painting a home’s…

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