Can You Paint Over Old Kitchen Cabinets?

Interior Painting | October 19, 2023

When it comes to updating your kitchen, one of the most cost-effective and transformative changes you can make is to paint your old kitchen cabinets. A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your kitchen, giving it a modern and appealing look; however, painting kitchen cabinets is more complex than it might seem, especially when dealing with different cabinet finishes. For this reason, the dedicated team from Dunbar Painting has gathered information on whether you can paint over old kitchen cabinets.

Learn how you keep paint from chipping off the wood.

Considerations for Painting over Old Kitchen Cabinets

Here are considerations for painting over old kitchen cabinets in three common scenarios.

1. Kitchen Cabinets Previously Painted

When dealing with previously painted kitchen cabinets, you should first ensure you have clean surfaces by thoroughly degreasing the cabinet exteriors to create a suitable foundation for paint adhesion. Next, gently scuff-sand the surfaces to provide a textured finish, promoting better bonding with the new paint. If a significant colour change is in the plan, applying a top-quality primer is crucial to prevent the old colour from showing through. Make sure to also inspect for gaps or cracks and to use caulk to ensure a seamless look. To attain a polished, professional appearance, use Benjamin Moore Advance Pearl paint, applying two coats for a fresh, pristine look.

2. Kitchen Cabinets with a Painted Factory Finish

When dealing with kitchen cabinets sporting a painted factory finish that you wish to update, you should first ensure cleanliness by thoroughly degreasing the cabinet surfaces as a foundation for the new paint. Gently scuff-sand the surfaces to improve paint adhesion, which is crucial if you plan to make a significant colour change. The application of primer is crucial for proper adhesion and to prevent old colours from showing through. Just like with previously painted cabinets, inspect for gaps or cracks and use caulk to create a seamless appearance. Consistently apply two coats of Benjamin Moore Advance Pearl paint for a polished and professional finish. It is important to note that all finishes should be sprayed for the best results to achieve a fresh and pristine appearance.

3. Kitchen Cabinets with a Natural Wood Finish

Begin by degreasing the cabinet surfaces for a clean paint base, similar to the previous scenarios. Depending on the wood’s condition, sanding or scuffing is done to ensure proper paint adhesion. Priming is crucial, with one coat for darker and two for lighter shades. Consistent gap and crack inspection, followed by caulking, ensures a seamless appearance. Applying two coats of Benjamin Moore Advance Pearl paint provides a polished, professional finish, regardless of the wood’s original condition.

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