Interior Painters & Decorating

Dunbar Painting is fully equipped to handle your interior painting needs in Vancouver. From prepping and painting one room or an entire house, to spraying kitchen cabinets, or applying epoxy coatings on your garage floor, we can give you a complimentary estimate. When we come into your home to do an interior painting job, we make sure your possessions will properly protected. Our interior painters begin by carefully moving large pieces of furniture out of the rooms and covering them with plastic. To protect your floors, we put sheeting down or mask with tape and paper any areas that paint could touch. Once your space is protected, the prep begins.

After cleaning surfaces to paint, we fill all holes with patching compound on your walls, sanding them smooth afterwards. Our interior painters will caulk all unsightly gaps in pieces of trim, and fill any nail holes. If we are spraying any portion of your interior, we mask off or use Zip Walls to protect the area prior to spraying. When we paint, we use the best products within your given budget to make sure your paint job lasts. Unless otherwise specified or dictated by a product, we always paint two coats to ensure surfaces have proper protection and coverage. For an even more detailed description of our procedure, contact us for a complimentary estimate.

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