Dustless Sanding

dustless-sanding-photo-nov2015-1-DSC00183Dunbar Painting is pleased to offer dustless sanding when doing interior and exterior work. Although we still cover your floors and belongings, when we sand surfaces that could result in airborne dust we use Festool dust extractors and attached sanders. This equipment provides working space that is mostly dust free.

dustless-sanding-photo-nov2015-2-DSC00184For interior painting this is especially helpful when there is a lot of repair work to do on walls and woodwork. Many fillers result it airborne dust when sanded by hand, and with dustless sanding equipment most of it is sucked into the vacuum. Further, if you live in a very old house and have concerns over what is being sanded on the walls-lead, mold, or other things you do not want airborne in your house-the dust extractor coupled with hepa filters will keep the air quality safe.

With exterior painting, dust control is a bit more difficult. Many houses with an extreme problem of peeling paint require a lot of scraping and sanding. The chunks that are bigger than the holes in the sander will not get sucked up into the dust extractor, so proper sheeting and catchment strategies must be employed; however, the majority of dust will be collected. This is especially significant on older homes (pre 1978) which likely have been painted with lead paint at some point. If you have children or elders living with you then you likely want a an environment free of lead dust, which we can provide.

Coming back home from a day at work while Dunbar Painting is painting your house, you can rest assured you are coming back to a clean house instead of having to deal with dust everywhere!

Dustless Painting

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