Our Vision

Dunbar Painting has a vision of creating a painting experience for our clients that is tailored to their needs. The result of having your house painted, while knowing your needs will be addressed, results in a positive experience throughout the process. This is the driving force behind Dunbar Painting- staff are hired who are on board with this vision, and business decisions such as strategic direction are made with this vision in mind.

From the beginning with a set-up call and estimate, Dunbar Painting estimators will be asking questions to hone in on your core values and needs, in order to find out what is most important to you when having your house painted. The knowledge gained during the estimating process is passed down to the production manager and job site managers, ensuring your experience will be indicative of what you want and need. Dunbar Painting staff will do their best to understand your needs throughout the process, by daily check-ins and updates. The various processes within the business are systematized resulting in a more fine-tuned operation that results in a stress-free paint job.

With all that in mind, Dunbar Painting staff know that delivering a high quality job on time and on budget are still the expected result while upholding our vision and core values.