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Dunbar Painting Article

Dunbar Painting article in the Paint Contractor magazine

Dunbar Painting has been featured in an article PAINT WHERE YOU LIVE in the Paint Contractor magazine.

Coby discusses how Dunbar Painting serves residential home owners of Vancouver’s West Side with repaints and renovation house painting, sometimes both on the same house. “As well, we do exterior painting and necessary restoration of older homes.” The company’s name has helped it garner local recognition, especially when people see the care we take in painting their homes in Vancouver.

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Favorite Exterior Painting Products 2012

Exterior Products:

When painting exterior projects, the products being used are exceptionally important; both for prep, and for house painting. In Vancouver we have a long period of the year with moisture, followed by hot sun for a short duration. This makes for expansion and contraction of wood, and moisture issues; which are one of the main causes of paint failure (and wood rot).  First I will mention two kinds of primers that I can’t live without, followed by some substrate specific paint choices.


  1. XIM Peel Bond: This product is water based and high build. It creates a durable and flexible surface that has the ability to level over roughness. It allows for wood expansion and contraction prior to top coats. I use this product on very bad shape window sills, when not replacing them; but I most often use it in high visibility areas to create a more uniform finish. After extensive sanding, a heavy coat of peel bond can make the difference in looks.
  2. Slow Drying Oil Primer: all paint companies have a brand, I use either Fresh Start from Benjamin Moore, or the all purpose oil primer from Sherwin Williams. Even when using peel bond, I often start off with an oil primer. Any areas with bare wood on older houses is most likely to require an oil primer to make it paintable. The benefit of a slow drying one, is that it has the chance to penetrate into the wood. Fast drying oil primers are quite brittle due to fast dry times, and stay on the surface- defeating the purpose of penetrating the surface.


  1. Benjamin Moore Aura and Sherwin William’s Duration:  are both exceptionally high end products to be used on exterior painting. They are both self priming, although on old houses I never skip the oil priming, and both offer a beautiful finish. I find these products comparable in longevity, and performance. They are both easy to work with, hide previous colours well, have good coverage on dark colours, and provide a high quality durable finish. When painting wood work such as fascia, soffits, shingles, wood siding, window casings, decorative features, etc- I always recommend a high quality product that will help keep the wood safe from moisture damage. (proper surface preparation is also integral to damage mitigation)
  2. When existing trim on a house is oil, there are a few options. First option is to completely prime the surface and transition to a latex paint. Second is to scuff sand thoroughly, and use a higher end latex- such as the above mentioned- and the final option, which is usually the most bang for your buck: scuff sand and use a water based hybrid alkyd such as Sherwin William’s All Surface Enamel. Next time you want to paint your trim, hopefully several years later, you can continue on with any water based paint on top of this. It is a good quality product and makes a great transition from oil to latex.
  3. Painting season in Vancouver is always a tricky matter. The only guaranteed dry weather occurs from July to August, but the actual time when contractors are working outside is usually between May and October. On either end of the dry months are warm days punctuated by rainy days. For weather like this, I use Sherwin William’s Resilience, a high quality water based paint with moisture lock technology enabling it to be used within hours before or after rain, and with weather as cold as 2 degrees Celsius.  This makes providing a warranty between April and June, and between September and October feasible.


Look for my favorite interior painting products of 2012 coming soon! I will discuss Benjamin Moore “advance”, Sherwin William’s “Emerald”, Benjamin Moore “Regal Select” and Sherwin William’s “promar 200 0 voc”